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This course is available for undergraduates students in Electrical and Electronic Education

Learn an introduction to mobile application development without coding. In this tutorial, you will be exposed to creating a website using Google Sites, making your site responsive for mobile adaptiveness. The App will also introduce you to appsgeyser an online authoring tool for converting websites to an android mobile app.

The technology explosion of the 21st century is not only changing human ways of life but also creating new learning opportunities for learners, to learn in certain new ways. The proliferation of smart devices ownership among students and parents is also increasing access among learners. Mobile devices are availing learners the opportunity to learn at their own pace, anywhere, anytime. This gives learners the freedom to choose what they need to learn, whenever they want to.  However, the availability of devices and access without having educational software installed is not uncommon among Nigerian/African learners. In most cases, most educational app installed is usually foreign base, with little or no application to the learners' country curriculum. This course is therefore designed to equip educators with skills needed in building contextualized mobile learning application of their learners. It will also expose the participants to the rudiments of instructional design as pertaining to mobile application development.

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